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Masonry Blocks

Autoclave Aerated Concrete AAC block is considered the best single wall when it comes to thermal insulation. This is made from lime, sand and Cement, to which a frothing agent (Aluminum powder) is added to aerate the Concrete. The partially cured concrete is then autoclaved to complete the curing and to promote the formation of a crystalline structure. The aeration and low density (Approximately one quarter of the density of standard Reinforced concrete) enables blocks to be easily cut, drilled and shaped by hand. Blocks are glued together to form solid Masonry structural walls with excellent thermal and acoustic properties.
PAC lintels are a convenient supplement to the blocks as they eliminate most of the work and inconvenience associated with cast-in-site concrete lintels on site. Being of the same material, the lintels allow the wall to remain as a homogenous unit and reduces risk of material incompitability .
A range of standard lintels length can be manufactured to bridge most common sized openings for doors and windows up to a maximum clear span of 3 meters. Adequate being length should be provided at the end supports and this should not be less than 150 mm for infill walls. For load bearing applications, longer bearing lengths will be required.

Products Applied:

  • PAC Blocks
  • PAC Lintels


  • Thermal Comfort and Energy saving
  • Fire resistent
  • Quality finish
  • High sound insulation

Applicable for:

  • High rise buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

Method Statement

Here you can download the method statement which provides a detailed step by step guide on how the installation of the Masonry Blocks should be completed.

Connection Details

For a detailed diagram showing the connection details for the Masonry Blocks download the PDF here.

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