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PAC Products

ESPAC produces a wide range of reinforced and none reinforced AAC products that can be used in many applications and conditions. In addition to that and in line with company’s objectives to give its customers all the technical support needed to complete their projects successfully, ESPAC decided to offer its customers all tools, consumables, accessories and equipment at cost price without any profit and in some cases on consignment basis. Please go through our list of manufactured products and traded materials.

  • PAC Slabs

    PAC Floor and Roof Slabs are lightweight, fire resistant, fast and easy to install and provide lifelong superior thermal insulation. PAC slabs are produced with max. span of 6 meters.View Detail

  • PAC Panels

    Precast Aerated Concrete PAC Panels are lightweight, fire resistant, fast and easy to install. PAC panels are reinforced and can be used as partitions or load bearing walls.View Detail

  • PAC Lintels

    PAC steel reinforced lintels are supplementary components used in conjunction with the blocks and are widely used over portals, doors and windows.View Detail

  • PAC Blocks

    PAC Blocks are manufactured from Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC). This is made from lime, sand and Cement.View Detail

  • PAC Corniche

    Decorative PAC Corniches are architectural elements manufactured as per customer requirements.View Detail

  • PAC Adhesive

    A high performance adhesive for AAC Blocks. A cement based Adhesive; Easy to apply
    View Detail